Slack is an app that creates a better workflow for journalists and news organization

In the new age of tools that expedite efficiency in the workplace, there are many options to choose from based on the specific needs of the organization in question. One good option that can help connectivity in the workplace is the Slack app.

Slack can be especially useful for journalists, news organizations and basically any business with a need to: share documents, communicate, or stay up to date with group productivity.

There are many problems that hinder progress, and lessen efficiency when it comes to a professional setting. “Conferences are great, but they’re often really expensive and require having additional…

Trump supporter holding a sign protesting the results of the 2020 Presidential election

In the following TikTok, I explain the futile efforts being made by the Trump team to overturn the results of the election. This includes the lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, all which have been thrown out for lack of evidence.

The fight against misinformation is ongoing, as his legal strategists are pulling out all the stops to discount votes from Democrat run cities in the states he lost. Thankfully these efforts so far have been for naught, as the lack of true evidence exposes the weakness of their case.

This is a great moment for the democratic process, where even the king of “fake news” cannot circumvent the law to stay in power.

Snapchat’s relationship with journalism, picture credited to

When it comes to journalism and social media, there are many platforms to choose from to get out your message in the most effective way. Do you choose: Facebook, “the king of social media, with 2.498 billion active users,” According to Oberlo, Twitter with its superior potential of content virality, or Instagram with its captivating visuals and youthful audience? Whatever platform that you decide to choose, I’m going to explain why Snapchat is by far the worst choice for a serious pursuit of journalism that you could make.

The first problem in the Snapchat platform is the longevity of the…

Protesters gather in Harris County to fight against voter suppression

This election will look a lot different than the ones before it. With the still present threat of the Coronavirus, other forms of voting such as drive through and mail in ballots are a necessity. However, these methods of voting have been put under scrutiny by Republicans, claiming they undemocratic and subject to fraud. There have been attempts in Harris county to disregard 127,000 drive through votes, attempts to suppress mail in ballots by restricting mail in locations, and attempts by President Trump to stop the count of mail in ballots after election day. More information can be found in the Instagram Live video below, where I go more in depth about the problem with voter suppression in the 2020 election.

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris at the Vice Presidential Debate on October 7th

Edgar Maddison surrenders to police after “Pizzagate” incident involving a firearm

If there is one major problem when it comes to journalistic integrity, it is the proliferation of “fake news.” To be defined, fake news is false information that is knowingly pushed to fit a narrative, achieve a goal, muddy the waters, or even incite violence.

Fake news has the potential of producing massive consequences. For example, the infamous “Pizzagate” conspiracy. This particular dissemination of fake news resulted in a man brandishing and firing an AR-15 in Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington D.C., under the guise of freeing abused children during the 2016 Presidential cycle. The man, Edgar Maddison, plead…

Ruth Bader Ginsberg, former Supreme Court justice (1933–2020)

Since the unfortunate passing of Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there has been one thing on many peoples’ minds: how this will effect the future of the Supreme Court, and how this will effect the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg has the potential to rile up both bases of the Republican and Democratic parties respectively. according to the reporting done by NBCNEWS, “Trump supporters say the vacancy on the Supreme Court will draw out their base, while Democrats say it will intensify the importance of electing Joe Biden.”

However, since the death of Ruth…

When it comes to the ideal relationship between a journalist and an audience member it is important that you are not only trustworthy, but that you also build rapport with said audience member. They need to see you as someone who they can trust, and feel has their best interests at heart.

However, when it comes to the relationships between a journalist (or any prominent social figures) and an audience member, there will inevitably be an unbalanced view of that relationship on the side of the audience member. It is for this reason, many audience members develop a parasocial relationship…

Since the inception of journalism, communication has been hindered by disruption and misinformation that challenges the process of healthy discussion.

Whether intentional or not, the influence of an elite class undermines and ultimately determines the will of the average person living in a given society. This, however, has become less of a problem with the proliferation of social media, which has lead to the democratization of information as a whole.

Social media has allowed raw, uncut footage of real life events that have the power to start cultural movements. Through the practice of this instant information system, it gives a…

this space will be to showcase my writing as I move through my academic career as a journalism/communications student.

James Fletcher

I’m a native Houstonian, and and Journalism student at the University of Houston.

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